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TALKS   -   Stage

11:00 Game Changers: Why Vegans are Winning - Doug Maw

Doug Maw is a dietitian & long-distance runner. He has appeared on numerous TV & radio shows promoting veganism in the UK & abroad. Doug is a martial artist, former boxer & rugby player. In this talk Doug gives a dietitian’s view of the inevitability of more athletes & coaches turning plant based & promoting veganism.

12:00 The Vegan Build - Chris Brennan

 This is the story of turning a building company vegan, how the builders responded and how we published a vegan cookbook in the process. 

13:00 How to Harness Your Inner Angry Vegan - Gabriela Lerner


We’ve all been there. At some point in our vegan journey we will be angry, whether we like it or not. But anger is not a good place to live from. Not only does activism out of anger often result in more aggression and less communication, but anger also hurts ourselves. Anger can make us physically and mentally ill. Anger and fear are closely connected, which is why even the most righteous anger can backfire at us. On the surface we may have learned to control our anger. But what happens to the anger and fear we carry within ourselves? How can we harness our inner angry vegan? In this talk, Gabriela will help you understand the cause and effect of anger. She will share with you some simple practices that will help you to shift your angry or fearful feelings to love and forgiveness. Learn how you can increase your power to inspire others while simultaneously being at peace with yourself. Gabriela is a vegan consciousness coach, a certified Raw Nutrition Coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, with a background in personal development.

14:00 Plant Based Diets, Holistic Health and Freedom - Nathan Riddett

An esoteric insight into Why plant based diets are both morally Right, biologically Correct, and inextricably linked to holistic health and Freedom under Natural Law.

15:00 Working to End the Abuse of Animals Raised for Food with The Humane League - Meika Sunnucks

Come and find out how The Humane League works towards it's mission to end the abuse of animals raised for food through corporate outreach and individual diet change campaigns. Also how you could get involved too!

ACTIVITIES   -   Downstairs

11:00 Inner World as a Map for the Outer World - Claire McAllister

Looking at how what is happening in our thoughts, emotions and feelings impacts our experience in the world around us.  Perhaps we can create positive change and reduce suffering in the world by addressing our inner world. Presence as a powerful tool for positive change.

12:00 My Skincare Regime, Should I Worry? - Suzette Shea from Shea-Me

In this presentation, Suzette will talk about how to avoid unwanted chemicals in your skincare regime. 

13:00 Meditations for a Calm and Happy Mind - Gail Mott, Kadampa Meditation Centre


Discover the many benefits of Buddhist meditation techniques that can be practised by anyone. It Includes short meditations to calm your mind and increase your happiness & wellbeing.  

14:00 Gong Bath relaxation, rejuvenation, revitalisation - Vivienne Yardley

You are invited to experience a relaxing, rejuvenating, revitalising Gong Bath. Vivienne invites you to do nothing, let go, relax and simply be! Lay down (or sit if you prefer) and allow the soothing sounds of the Gongs wash over and through you, detoxifying your body at a cellular level and freeing your mind.

15:00 Seasonal Yoga - The Holistic Butterfly

The foundation of The Holistic Butterfly is rest, relaxation and seasonal living to help you unlock the magic within your own body to facilitate optimum health and happiness.​


Come and try Seasonal Yoga with me at the Southampton Vegan Festival between 3 – 3.45pm.  Limited mats & blankets will be available, so please bring along your own if you have them.​


This session will be suitable for beginners, those who wish to get back to basics in their practice or anyone who wants to take some time out just for themselves.

To find out more follow me @theholisticbutterfly77 

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